Why Stevia?

Stevia offers a safe, healthy, natural alternative to the negatives of artificial sweeteners and sugar.  With the right blend of great tasting ingredients, the whole family can enjoy the healthy benefits of Stevia while reducing sugar consumption.



Nearly 20 years ago, we discovered Stevia to sweeten beverages at home.  Once only found on Natural Food store shelves as an herbal product, refined Stevia was approved by the FDA as a food ingredient in 2008.

Since the 1970’s Stevia has become the number one sweetener in Japan, with a current market share of over 40%. Unlike many artificial sweeteners, there are no reports of unwanted side effects.  Every year since the 1980’s, 75% of complaints from food additives reported to the FDA are related to artificial sweeteners.

Although the Japanese had been using Stevia as their sweetener for Diet Coke for over 25 years, a battle had been going on within the sweetener community for decades that kept Stevia out of food products in the United States.  After the FDA approval, many U.S. food companies quickly adopted Stevia as a natural sweetener.



Stevia is a naturally sweet plant that is used around the world as a healthy alternative to sugar and sugar substitutes.  The primary part of the plant used is the leaf which must go through a specific harvesting and drying process to be properly prepared.  Then it can be refined and particular constituents such as the various Steviosides can be extracted.

Know mainly by its botanical name, Stevia Rebaudiana is an herb in the Chrysanthemum family and grows wild as a small shrub.  Some have nicknamed it, “the sweet leaf” due to the glycosides in its leaves which account for its incredible sweetness.

Today, Stevia is used in many food and beverage products and as a stand alone sweetener by those looking to reduce sugar in their diets.



The raw leaves of the stevia plant are approximately 40 times sweeter than sugar, and the powdered sweetener derived from them is up to 200-300 times sweeter.  This means you can derive the same sweetness from a fraction of the amount compared to sugar or other similar sweeteners.

In addition, industrial research has shown that Stevia and Stevioside extracts are extremely heat stable in a variety of everyday cooking and baking situations.  So, Stevia can also be a wonderful alternative in the kitchen.



Sugar has addictive properties among the other negative side affects of over consumption.  Artificial sweeteners may not have any calories or glycemic index, but they can still promote cravings for sugary sweets as all as produce unwanted side affects to your health.

Stevia is not only a zero calorie, zero sugar sweetener, but studies have shown consumption of Stevia can actually reduce sugar cravings.  This may be related to it’s ability to help balance blood sugar levels.



Stevia can very well be a part of a healthy diet for anyone with blood sugar complications since it does not raise blood sugar levels.  Stevia has a Glycemic Index of 0.

Not only does Stevia show no increase In blood sugar, studies show that Stevia reduces the glycemic impact from sugar consumed, and helps the pancreas naturally balance blood sugar levels.

Although we can all be affected differently, our customers with varying forms of diabetes have exclaimed to us that our products do not seem to spike their sugar levels or cause crashes and positively affect their energy throughout the day.

Try them out for yourself and let us know. We love the feedback and are always seeking to improve what we do in anyway that benefits our customers. Please feel free to learn about all of the benefits of this wonderful sweetener on your own and you will see just why we use it in all of our GramZero –  Naturally, Sugar Free products.